Hey all,

I've been tabbing my own metal songs (guitar tracks only) in Guitar Pro for the past few years, and now have about 30 of them. I've been thinking about having a side project and getting my music out there for a while, but haven't gotten around to it due to a number of different factors.

So far, I've been tabbing songs and then converting them to .mid or .wav. Currently, my technical skills are not up to the level where I can play everything I write, and even if I could, I know little about the recording process, and I don't have any recording software.

Recently I came across Anup Sastry's (drummer of Intervals) albums, where he basically programmed the guitar tracks and produced the whole album by himself.

Basically, I'm wondering what my options are on how to get my music out there. Would it be worth it to start posting my guitar tracks (midi, wav, or mp3) on Soundcloud, Youtube, Facebook, etc.? I don't know any other instruments, and don't really have the time or desire to start adding drum and bass tracks to the songs, but I would be open to collaborating.

I attached one of the songs just so you can get an idea of what I have... I don't know much theory, so I just ear things out and try to make it sound as good as possible. The stuff I write is influenced by bands such as August Burns Red, Protest the Hero, Intervals, Killswitch Engage, The Human Abstract, etc.
Song 24.mid
One thing I've never looked much into is virtual guitar plugins, mainly because I don't think you can beat the sound of a real player's subtle nuances, plus humanising the midi is a pain, but I'm sure there are plugins out there which others on this forum might be able to help you with.

Your composition sounds pretty cool in my opinion, I wouldn't mind collaborating and writing some bass and drums if you're interested, and maybe even mix the song. The guitar work doesn't sound too taxing, and I'm sure with a little practise you could learn the parts, but then you'd have to have an interface to record your playing, and I don't know if you'd be interested in the whole recording process. You could post just your guitar tracks on Soundcloud but you can't beat a full mix. Message me if you're interested in collaborating
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