Been listening to some royal blood lately, think it's a really cool band.
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Simply get a splitter box (or just an ABY cable, but a splitter box would be better - also one not designed for guitar will likely be cheaper) and a fast octave pedal (or an octave down only pedal or a fuzz with a sub harmonics generator like the new one from dunlop), run everything through the splitter bog, then one clean signal goes in the guitar amp directly and the other goes in the bass amp passing through the octave down thing.
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Yeah. You'll need an ABY pedal and an octave generator. It won't sound exactly the same. You may need a dirt pedal of some sort to get some distortion out of the AC30.

I'm pretty sure Mike Kerr uses all Ampeg amps. Or Ampeg and Fender stuff. The distortion sounds are all pedals. What I'd try is this:

Guitar (Neck Pickup)>ABY
Path A: Octave Generator Down one octave>Bass amp
Path B: Fuzz/Distortion Pedal>AC30
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Amps and the like:
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ive been really into this band lately.

i am getting great results with my rig in my signature, i put on the crunch channel, my muff clone, hit the boost switch on my amp, and i may or may not play with my guitar out of phase switch. the muff clone is on a mid boosted setting with the tonr farily high ,about 3 o clock, with gain and level at noon. ill probably use a reverb to try and get a "bigger" sound and emulate the fullness his Bass has.

for bedroom use its fairly convincing.

im not sure the octave is really needed. hes using an octave up really, to sound more like a guitar. however, a lot of his music on guitar is translated to drop D or drop C.

figure it out i play in standard tuning, which i got off a tab on this site. you just got to get "heavy" with your tone. ive found a muffy type fuzz is perfect for that. and be careful not to overload yourself with gain and get muddy. i did not like the distortion and drive channels as much as i liked using my fuzz.

and i think adding my out of phase adds some bite and grind, without it, i can get muddy quick with the way im doing it.
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