Whassup Pit? So for my writing course this semester, I have to create and maintain a blog. I chose to do mine on music and the way it effects our lives and what it can do to people and all of that fun stuff. I have to have 10 or so entries and have already made my introduction entry and wondered if you guys had any suggestions for the topics I could expand on in the next nine entries. Any suggestion is helpful and appreciated. If requested I can post my first blog to give a better idea of where I am going.
how the world has moved on entirely from dad rock except for 13 year old guitarists

make that 2 parts
i don't know why i feel so dry
How country music makes you have sex with your wife who's also your brother.
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Don't go ninjerin nobody don't need ninjerin'
"The Social Repercussions of Simultaneously Tapping an Air Horn to the Rhythm of Your Speech Whilst Ordering at the Local Drive Thru: A Blogger's Tale"
Ах, так вы не пьете и не курите?
Хорошо для вас: вы здоровым умрете!
Can we ever prove if white people have even the chance of having the rhythm gene?

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yes every night of my entire life i go to bed crying because i wasnt born american