I got some questions about intonation.
First of all, when searching topics, I often find something like "12th fret harmonic" does this mean you're intonating open and on 12th fret?

It also seems that my guitar can't intonate high enough (as in can't make the string longer and its still sharp) not cause I'm against the bridge but it seems like I'm very very near to vertical touching and pushing the string, wouldn't this cause to break the string?

I hope somebody can help me out!
(P.s tips about intonating the guitar are always welcome)
(My guitar is an Ibanez GSA60)
I intonate a fretted note on the 12th fret. It is how you play those notes so that is how I intonate

When you adjust your intonation always retune the string you are on before rechecking. If you change string gauges intonate your guitar again.
The 12th fret harmonic has nothing to do with setting intonation.

Use a good tuner, remember sharp is too short.

If your saddles won't move far enough, you can get a wide throw bridge for the Gibson Tune o Matic type bridges, I had to get one years ago for a Les Paul copy I wish I hadn't sold. I've never seen a strat or telecaster that didn't have enough room.

The idea is to tune the open string to the proper pitch, then check the fretted note at the 12th fret (octave) If the octave is too sharp, the string is too short, move the saddle back to make it longer. The opposite if it's flat.

If the saddle won't move enough, in some cases you can turn the saddle or the bridge itself around and gain a little more room, or get a wide throw bridge. Google it, Gotoh makes one.

To turn the saddle around back the screw out till the saddle comes off, turn it around and put it back together so the angled side is facing the opposite direction. This didn't give me enough travel with the Les Paul copy, I had to get a wide throw bridge. Look closely at the bridge, if it has more open space for adjustment in front, closer to the pickups, you might be able to gain a little adjustment room by turning the entire bridge around. That means reversing all the saddles too, if they have different size string grooves. And start over with intonation.

Always set intonation with new strings. Dead strings will cause the intonation to go out, so you'll be setting intonation again soon as you change strings. Kind of like putting a condom on after you have sex...I don't know how many times I've "fixed" the intonation on other peoples' guitars by simply putting on new strings...

Don't worry too much about the string angle, if you think that's a problem, look at an acoustic. I've never seen an electric with an angle like that...I doubt if the string angle behind the bridge will cause any trouble.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
Instead of the open string, the 12th fret harmonic can be used as the comparison with the fretted 12th. I think it has the advantage of reducing tuner anomalies, but the tradeoff is that that it isn't compensating so much for your picking action. If I'm setting intonation, I check the open string and the 12th fret harmonic against the fretted 12th.

What kind of bridge are you talking about? If it is a Render style, I don't think you will have any problem with breakage provide the saddles are smooth.
I draw something in paint to illustrate the issue, Ill try to add real photo's as well
just imagine the square thingy is the saddle and the weird line the string

Also in the real pictures, the first is the low E where I'm having the prob now, the last is on high E which isn't intoned yet and there appears to be a extra hole. can I remove a string put it through that hole and use the same string or do I need new strings if I get em off?
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