I'm new here... I need help finding my last guitar. I've been playing for a very long time and have had several guitars custom made for me in my time. I've not been happy with any of them. Recently I've had an uptick in my creative output and suddenly, at the age of 40, it looks like I might be getting a band together again, and this time it's going to be good.

I play some crazy shit. So my request may sounds strange, but trust me, I know what I need.

I want an Archtop acoustic, made from a warm wood (mahogany?), with a P90 pickup in the neck position, a VERY hot hum bucker at the bridge, and here's the kicker, a Piezo acoustic pickup in the bridge.

Dean has a semi-hollow sort of like that:

But I want a full hollow/acoustic. Preferably in a sunburst.

any ideas? My budgets in the $600 to $1200 range. I'd prefer a name brand, not because I trust the name... but because I could have it ordered by the local shop so I could try it before I fork over the cash.
The closest to those specs of any production guitar in your price range I know of is the Fret-King Elise GG.

It has the electronics you want, but is a chambered body, and I think the HB is going to be more traditionally voiced.

You might try calling Carvin and see if they can make a SH550 with those specs.

You may still be better off going custom: I've purchased several guitars from both Jon Kammerer (Illinois) and Rock Beach (New York), and would do so again. Rice Guitars (Illinois) and Hi-Tone (Texas) are 2 other luthieries I've been looking at very closely. You may wind up paying more, but you'll get exactly what you need.
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