+/- two months ago I bought an epiphone les paul standard ebony and now i don't know if the frets are wearing too fast. I play like 30 min everyday. Does anyone know if epiphone's frets wear out fast?
P.S. I had to resize the picture, so I don't know if you can see that well :/

Thank you for any answer
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It's hard to tell from the pics but I can see it. Wouldn't say that's entirely unusual. Maybe just loosen up your grip a bit if you're concerned about it.

You're not using stainless steel strings right?
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I would certainly expect softer fretwire on many cheaper guitars, and I did experience fast(er) fretwear on my Epiphone LP that I had from 2007 to 2010 than on my other guitars. With that said, there should be some time before you see wear.

Now that I own 14 electrics, I don't really see that much wear on them. I only have 1 guitar with any noticeable wear, and that one has probably a lot of time left before it affects the playability.

The most damaging thing to the frets is probably a capo that has no tension adjustment. The harder you push down, the faster the wear - and a capo can certainly press down harder than your fingers.
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Doesn't look like you've got that much fretwear going on.

DO check your technique, however, and try to work with a light touch on your fretting hand. You only need to press the string down far enough to touch the fret; you don't need to feel your fingers touching the fretboard. If you're a gorilla gripper, you're going to see a lot more wear on your frets, and you're never going to play as fast as you might want to.
I was worried because in the 2nd and 3rd frets are starting to make a mark in the shape of the string... I guess it is my technique :$
i chewed the **** out of my Gibby LP, i had it as a #1 for three four years, and it needs a level and crown for sure. if not refret. keep in mind i was playing other guitars at the time too.
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yeah my epi les paul had some fairly significant fret wear to the point where, wny more and it would play worse. given that its a 400 dollar guitar and re fretting a bound fretboard is about 400 bucks....that means the guitar would have been oficially fubar-ed (unless i was literally in love with the guitar). however, i bought it used, with some wear, and i played the living heck out if it. so i got my use of it and im fine with that. so i sold it.

i would say higher quality guitars with name brand fretwire is going to be better quality and that is SO overlooked. who buys a guitar and says "man, i really need this one because it has better quality frets." but rephrase " how important is your guitar neck and playability?" my guess is most people would say A LOT

i think even cheap guitars will last years of hard playing unless your a pro, like van halen who claims to chew up regular frets in months.

my carvin has stainless frets. i think that type of premium feture should come on any guitar that would allow it, or perhaps most guitars of 800-1000+ price range. perhaps manufactueres dont want to, because its future proofing instruments. man that would be a really dirty secret - "hey, no stainless steel cause it means people will need to buy less guitars."

all i know is, my carvin fret work will probably be perfect for eternity...or until the actual wood / body probably wears out around the frets.
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