hello guys

my friend wrote a song and hes playing it with a capo in the 5 fret

he's playing C Eminor F Aminor

he is playing F like this

but without putting his finger in the High E string , he just leave it open ( in this case A because of the capo )

whats key these chords represent ?

what are those chords without capo ?

i mean how should i solo with him ?

( i cant change any thing because i agree that the chords are perfect with the lyrics )
Let work it out!

Capo 5 = up five semitones
C->C#->D->D#->E -> F = F major
E-> F -> F# -> G -> G# -> A => A minor
F --> Bb Major (Or A# Major, they mean the same thing, but Bb is more conventional)
A --> D minor

- What's the key? (Ignoring capo, you could try doing the same with the "capo'd" chords and check you get to the same answer!)
- C = CEG, Em = EGB, F = FAC, Am = ACE
Notes = ABC?EFG (there's no D)
That is either C major or A minor, as it ends on Am most likely Am.
Then move up 5 semi tones: Am -> Dm so a solo would likely be in Dm

What does leaving the High E off give you?
Notes on each string = FCFACE = Notes in order (starting with F): F-A-C-E
- F, A and C are all in F major
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capo at 5th fret sound kinda useless to me

Why do you say that?
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