Hi all

The enchanting, beautiful and dreamy new Between Two Worlds song I co-wrote is now online - Ocean Planet. Something a little different than what I might usually be involved in but I think it turned out great! Many thanks to Luke Searle (Crabman429) for letting us use his guitar piece for the track


Please comment and feedback and I will c4c

You've already reviewed my stuff so dw about C4C haha

The track is pretty nice, sweet medieval folk sort of feel. Be careful with the mix, the vocals very nearly overpower the guitar. They dont, but theyre ever so close to doing so. The guitar part is interesting, but not so interesting that it distracts from the vocals, so good job on that front too. The chorus is nice a memorable, and the texture has some good thought about it, the different instruments in the background sound nice and organic. The bridge/outro is really good, the layered vocals work quite well.

Overall very good track man!