I've come up with something the other day, and after analyzing it for I bit I couldn't figure out what was the key for the riff.

If I look at the lead guitar it's definitely in G# minor, but when I look at all the instruments together it feels like it could be C minor, though C minor doesn't feel so right for me.
I'm not very smart when it comes to theory so I'm probably making it more complex than it is, but please take a look at it and give me some light.
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Yeah, it sounds like it would resolve to C. The melody part over the C power chord chugs sounds kind of dissonant and sounds like it wants to go to C. In the end you could play a C and it would sound like all of the tension releases.

Almost anything will sound pretty good over a pedal point riff so there's nothing wrong with that riff.

Sounds like the melody is based on two chords - Abm and Fm.
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