I'm learning the basic chords right now. Is there a set time that I should continue working on the chords or just keep practicing until I get them down perfectly then move on to the next set of chords?
I'm also planning on buying rocksmith 2014.
That and The Internet should get me well on my way to being self taught lol.
I've been playing now for about a year and a half, and I have learnt the same way as you. Guitar is supposed to be fun, and there is no specific way to learn it. Take as much time as you need to learn, but don't try to skip to more advanced things. You can still learn them, but it will take much longer to do.
Also, I own Rocksmith 2014, and I found it to be a fun tool to play around with and learn songs, not a revolutionary teacher. I found video lessons on youtube to be more helpful.

Try this: http://www.justinguitar.com/en/BC-000-BeginnersCourse.php
I found this guys beginner and intermediate course to be very helpful
Thanks!!! Ill check out the site and practice the lessons as well as watch his Videos on YouTube (:
I can't wait to advance farther in learning guitar haha.
Sometimes I feel like giving up but I always find my motivation from people who have been SelfTaught years ago. It's really amazing to see that so many people can do it. If they can then i believe I can also.
There's no order in which to learn the guitar. I learned Iron Maiden solos before I could even play Gm7. Fact is, I can't recall how to play a Gm7 though I see myself as a pretty good guitarplayer and have played for almost a decade. I learn what I need to learn to play songs I like, by myself or with other people.

Guitar, and music in general, is less of learning something like 100 decimals to pi and then moving on to the next 100, and more of understanding the concepts. In the end, it's not about memorizing stuff, but learning to see the patterns and understanding why certain sounds combined has the effect they have.

My advice is just to find the things that really inspires you. Learn that. Even if you can just play a tiny part of your favourite song, years of tiny parts at a time will go a long way.
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