I have a 6505+ and 2 sm57's. I will be upgrading to a Saffire 56. I am recording my album and want it to sound as heavy as I can (Death metal). Should I spend 2,700$ on a Kemper or will I be able to get the same (or better) results with my peavey 6505+ half stack? I now have an 11rack but it doesn't get that heavy (unless I am eq'ing wrong or something
Well, depends if you are looking for the sound of a 6505 in your tracks or another sound.
The 6505 and even ONE sm57 will do incredible heavy sounds if you dial it right and after that mix it right.
But the Kemper will do that too i think (I have never used one myself).
I also think you can get pretty heavy with an 11rack, but a nice heavy sound takes some time to find.
Isn't this more of a "What Amp?" type thread?

It might be worth questioning whether the Kemper is a worthwhile investment over in GG&A rather than here.
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The kemper is gonna make it a looot easier and more convenient, but if you spend enough time practicing mic'ing techniques and mixing you'll be able to sound good with a 6505 and a 57 as well.
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I would say that if you can't get a great sound with that equipment, then you're probably doing something wrong. Spend a bit of time experimenting with mic placement, amp EQ, etc and you should be fine.

Records were made before the Kemper. But, if you have $2,700 to drop like that, then go for the Kemper I guess.
Nothing wrong with your gear. If you want a great sounding album, spend the $2700 on a recording engineer who has major album credits and knows how to make you sound awesome. There is a reason their stuff sounds great and most home-brewed recordings just don't.
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Thanks guys. The point here is im starting my studio. I'm well equipped because I use my 11rack. But I want a different more badass tone. Yes I better take the route of learning to mic a guitar amp. Most people just prefer that digital stuff these days haha ( I mean for other clients)
First off, why do you need the powered Kemper if you're just recording?

I bought my Kemper, brand new, from Sweetwater when they came out for $1650. The price has gone up a bit since then (I ended up selling it for more than what I paid for it new), but if you're just one person who's recording in your bedroom, I'd say it's absolutely not worth spending $2700 on over a 6505+. There's A LOT of things I'd rather spend that money on in a studio setup than a Kemper and in the end, you'll just be emulating a real amp, which you already have.

Don't get me wrong, the Kemper is a GREAT tool in the studio, but you already have a great sounding amp. It'll be easier to dial in a tone on the Kemper than it will with the 6505+, but it can only sound as good as the real thing, and you already have the real thing.
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Well put man! Thanks! Yeah that's a hunk of cash. So you don't need the powered for just studio use?