Smokeless paradise

It was nice,
Full of life;
With my friends,
Full of life;
A place which I could say a paradise;

Never before have i encountered,
Like the place of my childhood;
Played and cried at the same place,
But still calls it a paradise,
A smokeless paradise;

Indeed it was a paradise,
With all my friends and families;
Laughing and singing day and night,
Indeed it was a paradise;

So much fun, so much laughter,
That's the place, that's the land,
That i'll boldly say my paradise,
My smokeless paradise;

Never before, never after,
Never, never, never, never,
Never will I encounter,
A wonderful place, so wonderful!
Like my childhood days!
The place of my childhood days,
Yeah! That's my paradise;
'My smokeless paradise'
~Longmirjeng Taro