so i have a CIJ fender jag and it does not feel right... I've taken it in to technician about 3 times to mess around with the next, but its still shit. it chocks on the high strings after the 18th fret area. bad resonance on the high strings and i can't lower the action because the chocking would get worse ... and i like a low action, i'd rather a little bit of rattle than chocking

any advice?
Did you get any fretwork done or was it just neck/setup adjustments? Was it the same tech each time?

Sounds like you might need a fret level and polish. I'd take it to someone who can do that, at least to get their opinion on whether or not it would help.
yes, i got fret work done to it and even trimed the wood a tiny bit so its a bit more flat... and yes it was the same tech guy
Could just be that your pickups are set way to high and causing a big loss in sustain by pulling to hard on the strings, and making it choke out (it can & does happen). When this happens it usually the most noticeable when you hit the 16th+ frets. So it sounds like this could be the case in your situation. The neck pup usually seems to be the biggest culprit out of the 2. It's easy, reversible & free to try lowering the pups to see if it rids you of the problem.
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