How to pick? 2)when to pick 3)which strings to pick 4)You mind telling me how to play songs with chords do i just play the chords or do i follow a rhythm.....When do i know when to pick and When to strum and Which strings to pick and not...........Also do i strum all strings? How tight should my whammy bar be..........Please add more tips and exercises.............I'd appreciate any tips that can help me excel 5(Also on the frets their quite a lot do i need to specify which one or all can do?
Hi mate, you do wanna know a lot of things...maybe you should first look through the lesson pages on this website. I've collected a few for your needs:

For beginner-picking I advise finger picking for beginners

For further practice some ideas: picking practice

and also advanced picking practice

To learn strumming from the very bottom this guy made an awesome lesson:
strumming beginner lesson

Need help changing chords easier? Here you go!

Wanna learn some strumming patterns? We got this!

Strumming Patterns

Just keep searching the "lesson" part of UG, you will find a lot to keep you busy!

I hope this helped, if you need some more help let me know
Great links JK, as a beginner I'll have a read up and practice too
Good man.