NGDs are so overrated, man This is just a load of stuff I've acquired over this past year that I thought I'd share with this wonderful community

In no specific order...

I was looking for an isolated power supply 'cause I thought that's the best way to go. This isn't though, but it's solid, very quiet and can power a lot. What's it powering though...?

Pitchblack: this is no stranger here. It's solid, has a good display and tunes well. Pretty straight-forward.

This isn't your typical off-the-shelf Boss EQ. It's a '88 MIJ. Been very well looked after. Aside from that mystique (and it being half the price used than a brand new one) it's exactly the same stuff

As a single-coil and high-gain lover, noise can be a problem. This thing is good. It was a display model so I got a nice discount too.

it's a T-Rex tonebug reverb. This is a great little thing. Can't get more simple than 2 controls and 2 reverb types. I'm just using it for a touch of presence, but this thing can get real crazy. Solid build and good buffer. If you're looking for something simple that sounds good, give this a look.

Ibanez weeping demon. This thing is boss. No toe switch: can be switched on either by the switch on the side or in a spring loaded setting that activates when you lift the heel. The level, sweep, Q and bass response is all customisable. Also has a delay that you can set so the wah deactivates a few seconds after you tell it to which I find very useful. Has a guitar and bass setting too. Sounds great, similar to my WH10 in some respects, but with a bit more oomph. It's flippin' huge though

The carbon copy is no stranger here. Simple to use and sounds great. Solidly built. That is all.

This isn't a guitar thing, but we're all musician's here, right? It's a Roland JP8080 VA synth with a MIDI controller of sorts. For all your 80s electronic dance music needs.

Finally, a Zoon H2N. Not necessarily a piece of music gear either. But I'm super surprised by the quality of sound of this thing. Here's me just playing around testing the thing.

That's all folks
excellent scores there
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Nice haul


I have a Carbon Copy. Pretty nice pedal.

I want a Zoom H2N

Didn't care for the Wah part of your clip but the rest sounded good.

Don' be hatin' on the wah-wah

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excellent scores there

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Sweet haul!

What you need now is a new amp.

I like my amp (can't afford another one anyway)