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Can i somehow create good acoustic sound on my electric guitar?
Like this:

Maybe some you can advice some VST/Soft?

Note that you say you use an electric, and all of these video's have people using regular electric-acoustic guitars. If I were you, I'd get an (electric-)acoustic guitar and you are all set.

If you use a purely want to use an electric guitar, there's a acoustic simulator pedal available that can get you close to the direction you want.
for instance, this one:


Also to be honest I believe all of these people in the video's you posted use Mic's in front of their amps or in their guitars to record this stuff. (the video's are usually shot after recording the actual song too, to make it easier to shoot the music video)
Otherwise I believe there should be an acoustic amp simulator out there that could do the trick.

maybe there's 1 for you in this thread:

or on this site:

but really, nothing beats using a real acoustic guitar. simulate all you want, you won't get the perfect sound
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Nothing really does it good.

You want a good acoustic guitar sound - you get an acoustic guitar.
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I've never been impressed with the acoustic simulators. I considered buying one of these years ago, but finally decided to spend a bit more and buy an acoustic.

Your only other choice, is to buy one of these electric guitars that can create other sounds. But, if you're going to do that, you might as well buy an acoustic guitar and be done with it.


Thanks. Now you've got me wanting one of these again.