Thinking of buying one of these guitars not sure which to go for though. Big fan of kirk hammet and the metalica tone. I understand that the KH 602 costs a lot more than the KH 202 because it has a EMG 81/60 configuration where as the KH 202 has a ESP designed LH 301n and LH 301b pick ups. Are the EMG pick ups really worth the extra money? Do the EMG's sound a lot better than the ESP ones?
yeah the 602 is a higher end model. I haven't tried either but I think the 202 is sort of the beginner-level model while the 602 is more intermediate. I'd get the 602 if at all possible.

though you'd probably get more for your money if it didn't have hammett's signature on it. as long as you have a superstrat made of similar woods and with the same pickups it's going to sound in the same ballpark. especially if you're using a suitable amp.
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The 202 isn't a bad guitar but the 602 will be the better choice in the long run. The 602 is closer in design to the core ESP model so that should be a good point to consider.

(I wanted a 602 sooooo bad back in the day )
The 602 is definitely the better model. They can be had at a good price when buying used. As someone who has owned both these models the 202 is just a decent beginner model and thats it.
202 specs: made in china, basswood body, ESP pickups, bolt on maple neck, "ESP" LFR
602 specs: made in korea, Alder body, EMG pickups, neck thru maple neck, FR-1000 trem.
The 602 is on par with the 1000 series LTDs so IMO the choice in the 602.
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602, by a long shot.
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