Warning: I'll be giving you a background and asking for recommendations to help me improve. So if you're not interested you can stop reading now.

I've been playing the guitar for almost 10 years now. In my first years I worked very hard and I spent incredible hours practicing. I had a guitar teacher for a while but it only helped me to correct my technique and to read music. About 5 years ago I was in a band and that kept me busy, because I had to study new songs and I had to keep up with my bandmates because especially the other guitar player in the band was a lot better than me. So that was a motivation for me. But that ended about 3 years ago. Because I finished collage and started working and I was working away from my band so I had to quit. Now I'm living in a small town in which I can't find musicians with similar taste in music, therefore I can't form a band.

Anyways back to the subject, not being in a band and working in a stressful job has stopped me from picking up my guitar and improving. Even when I pick up my guitar I just play couple of licks and put it back. So for 3 years I stopped improving and even getting worse.

I am a blues listener and that's what I want to master. I am still not a fully competent player. I loved to improvise with my former band, but I usually played solo guitar during these sessions because I wasn't fully able to keep up with the other members while playing the rhythm. So I want to be able to pick up my guitar and play with any musician I run into. For that I know that first I must master rhythm guitar.

I want your advices to help me improve... I'm open to any suggestion. If you have any questions for me regarding the details of my level and knowledge I'd love to answer.

Lastly, I'm 26 and I work 5 days a week, I no longer have a stressful and a demanding job,so I am able to spend some time for studying the guitar.

Thanks for reading and hopefully I'll be hearing from the experts.
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I think the solution is to get yourself a teacher that you respect and who can set you specific goals. This could be someone in a nearby town or via Skype. We all need goals, as you imply, and no one likes to face a teacher having done nothing over the previous week or two :-)
Just start practiceing every day my friend stop playing guitar for 10 years.
He said its like learning all over again