Hello people!

As a birthday present, my dad wants to get me a new guitar. He tells me that he is proud of my improvement, so he wants to reward it. As I don't have any music shops near, or even "far away" from me, I have to go by reviews and what you guys tell me.
I've always been attracted to Martins. I love their raw sound. Especially in dropped tunings.

I was told that it can max cost 1500 dollars. What could you guys recommend me? And.. If you know a particular Martin in that price range, let me know!
You have plenty of choice in that price range, but I don't think anyone can tell you what to get. I would be looking at Martin, Larrivee, Gibson, Taylor and Breedlove, in no particular order. I would include Maton high in the list here in Oz.

I wouldn't call the typical Martin sound "raw", and many are warm and woody, but it varies a lot even between individual guitars of the same model. My personal favourite among the US makes is Taylor, because of the way they are built with a fully bolt-on neck. Of those the less expensive Mexi-made 100 and 200 series have been my favourites for sound, though overall I'm not wild about the big open Taylor sound.

I personally would not be paying for cosmetics, ie fancy-looking Asian guitars at the same price as plain looking US ones, because of the question of non-resettable neck joints. But each to his own.
there are SOOOO many choices in your price range. since you love the martin sound, i wouldn't consider taylor as they tend to be brighter.

are you looking for a dread, OM or another size? do you have any other preferences? the iconic martins are above your price, but there are some good guitars you can get.

pretty much all the martin 15 series guitars fall in your price range, but to my ear they don't have "the martin sound". that being said, lots of people love 'em.

the martin 16 series guitars should fall in your price range, and these are a great value and nice guitars overall. there are several sizes with sitka top and mahogany back and sides, all solid and nice tone. that being said, if you're looking for a darker sound, you will want rosewood back and sides. the D-16RGT is at the top of your price range (rosewood tends to cost a bit more) and is all solid with a sitka top and rosewood back and sides.

btw, after you decide on your guitar you might want to contact laguitarsales.com or maurysmusic.com directly, as they often offer lower prices on martins if you contact them - martin doesn't allow lower prices to be advertised.
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