I know this guitar comes with a Tune-O-Matic bridge (TonePros), but I don't know if it's the one with large posts or what.

The screws in mine are loose, and I haven't found a way to fix that, already tried wrapping the screws with teflon, candle wax and similar things.

Is there something I can use to tighten the screws ?, if not, what is the bridge that I have to buy in this case ?

Thanks in advance
Which screws are loose? The ones holding it to the body? Are they sloppy only when all the strings are off? How loose are they (hard to convey, I suppose).

Anyway, it uses the larger "Import" posts if it comes down to replacing it. I bet you can buy just the posts themselves from Allparts or Stewmac or somewhere.
Those import M8 inserts and studs always seem to be less than a snug fit. But, it usually isn't a problem with the string tension. Is your bridge raised up real high? If you think that may be the problem, you could try a roller bridge. The roller saddles usually sit up a bit higher than regular saddles which allows the bridge itself to be lowered = more thread into the studs. It wont be a ton lower but it could help.

Faber makes body inserts that are carbon steel rather than zinc/pot metal. They are sold for replacing the tailpiece inserts but they are M8 so they may work to replace the bridge post inserts. It probably wont help much because I don't think they sell replacement posts that fit. Faber also makes an adapter that replaces the threaded insert with a base that taps into the hole and has a threaded post attached. So, no threads into a body insert. I think the threaded post is 4mm or whatever Gibson uses so most any bridge that takes the small posts with adjusting thumbwheels will work. They are expensive for what they are though.

I recently replaced a buzzing bridge on an import with a roller bridge. Just wanted to try it even though there is no trem. It is a relatively inexpensive roller bridge (non-locking) sold by GF. Also seen them on ebay as well and some other places. Standard Sung il made zinc/pot metal but smooth finish and very nicely plated. No more buzzing and I didn't notice any difference in sustain. And, as mentioned, the bridge was lowered a little bit to accommodate the taller roller saddles.

Good luck.
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