FS: Splawn Straight 4x12 w/Eminence Governor and Weber Ferromax Vintage speakers ($475 or best offer)

This is a Splawn straight closed-back 4x12 cabinet with casters. It is in great condition. The top of the rear side has a tear where the tolex is coming up, but it is a clean break and seems like it could easily be superglued back on. The front, top corner tolex seams have also split very slightly.

The cabinet is loaded with Eminence Red Coat Governor speakers and Weber Ferromax Vintage speakers arranged vertically (Eminences on the left, Webers on the right). It sounds absolutely fantastic!

Splawn 4x12 photos: http://imgur.com/a/Ae4dn

FS: Unloaded Mesa Rectifier (Oversized) Slant 4x12 ($275 or best offer)

This is an unloaded Mesa Rectifier slant 4x12 cabinet with casters in great condition. This is the "oversized" model, which is physically larger than the Traditional/Standard Rectifier 4x12s and has an increased bass response. It has a small nick on the top of the cabinet, which is pictured.

Wiring and connection jack are NOT included.

Unloaded Mesa 4x12 photos: http://imgur.com/a/4f515