Alrighty, so the guitars I was talking about in the end of this thread:
https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1666291 came today!
I actually am going to be customizing both of the guitars. like stripping off the finish and re painting on one, and something special on the other. Unless of course they look totally amazing like they are or are just too far gone. I'll post some pics in a min, one is a Hondo deluxe series 775, the other doesn't say anything on it except "Accutune" on the bridge.
This looks like it can be fun! What kind of pickups are you going to use? If you like the relic look, you won't have to do much on the finish

Post progress pics
Nice. And nice Hondo.

My first guitar ever was a Hondo Deluxe 780 series.......which I bought a long long time ago. A few years back I did a complete refurb on it and it was a lot of fun bringing her back to life. She's still rocking today. Since the rebuild I've swapped the pickups and put active EMGs in and its the perfect match. She just screams.

I have a link in my signature of what I went through with it. May help with yours if you need any ideas.

Good luck and keep us posted with updates.
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Thanks! I think I'll be redoing both of them completely, I really wanted one to re finish and stuff. As for the pickups, I was told to either get the Duncan Performer series, the Detonator. Or Dimarzio Super Distortion, except the Dimarzio are kinda out of budget..