I got an Ibanez GS121. Wizard neck(very thin) with 24 frets. I want to replace the neck with a custom neck from Warmoth but the options I choose are not allowed to be built on a Wizard neck. The thinnest neck available is a standard thin. Will it fit with my Ibanez body?

scale length is important which of course how long the neck is and then the neck pocket dept and so forth always come into play.

also ensure that your warmoth fret radius will work with that neck. This customer I had put a new neck on his washburn as he was really ...really persistent to get an ebony fretboard and it buzzed all over as the cheapest luthier he could find on Craigslist didn't put the right radius.
Are you sure it wouldnt be easier, and posibly even cheaper, to get a new guitar? Im not trying to be mean or anything, but the GS121 is a pretty low end guitar, and you would basicly be buying a neck thats worth as much as your entire guitar, with no guarantees you will like it. Not to mention the problems you will encounter, if the measurements are slightly off.
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