This was out of boredom but the results weren't bad at all. It answers the what if as I wanted to get a H/S BC Rich warlock made a few years ago and I'm going through older photos.

so this I'm posting as an idea for others on here to try out for the sake of tone chasing. soldering isn't hard and it answers the what if. A what if 'H/S" les paul or whatever.

oddly enough a regular mounting ring and screws the pickup sat on the guitar properly. Yes the fretboards scalloped and the guitar is copper shielded.

of course we can get parallel and coilsplitted tones out of humbuckers for more single coil like tones and using a mini humbucker is not a true single coil. the pickup I used was a 6$ american Dimarzio or seymour duncan copy. There is two models on ebay and I can't remember which seller sells which as there is some that are 9k resistance and some are 12k. Resistance isn't end game to determine a hot pickup as the pros know but there is a volume difference. The BC Rich BDSM bridge pickup is really hot so it paired nicely with the 12k one. Oddly enough I took out the pickup and replaced it with something else.

this is the final results. Most will not think it's pretty or whatever but again.. tone chasing.
They make adapter plates nowadays to mount a single coil in a humbucker rout. They look much cleaner/better.

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Tele stlye
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