I desperately need help here!!!! So here is the scoop. i burnt out one of my PA speakers today and need to replace it. I figured I could do the easy thing and just get a new speaker that matches the diameter and ohms and wattage, but there is a reason I burnt it out. I pushed my amp too hard into it and they werent exactly a perfect match. bummer. so i have a Crown X2000 power amp that puts out 450 Watts per channel at 4 Ohms and 330 Watts per channel at 8 Ohms. I already have the Speaker cabinet and horns so i figured rather than buy 2 whole new PA speakers, maybe i should just replace the main sub speakers to match my amp better. currently they are 8 ohms that run at 600 watts and are 15 inches. I have the x2000 bridged so it runs them at 900 watts in mono which i knew was high, but has been fine for a long time as long as i kept the volume low ish. so how do i go about doing this? should i buy something like a set of speakers that are 15 inch, run at 8 ohms at 400 watts and run them in stereo again rather than bridged, or should i get something like 2 450 watt speakers and bridge them? I don't really know how to do this. like i said, there are horns that don't have an sort of description on them as to what their specs are. they don't have a coil really. its like a plastic housing with 2 wires running across a flat piece of metal about the size of a quarter that is glued to a speaker cone. I doubt they are consuming much wattage but i have no idea. help! I'll offer more information if needed, but this is hopefully enough. THANK YOU SO MUCH
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Just a thought. You posted this in the Pit. There will be no help forthcoming. You should probably move it to something like Gear Building and Customizing or something.
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