Post all of your strange guitar chords here. By "bizarre" I'm referring to dissonant or pleasingly unpleasant to the ear, but this is not necessarily a rule: this forum is also for difficult-to-play but pleasant sounding chords. Also, post if you need help identifying a strange chord.

One of my favorites is this one that I figured out:

4 0 4 0 6 0

I wouldn't really call this a chord, although theoretically it is, but I would call it a cluster tone. If anyone knows what to call it as a chord, then please do post. It contains six successive notes all played at the same time: E (open 1st), F (6th fret of the 2nd), F# (4th fret of the 4th), G (open 3rd), G# (4th fret of the 6th), and A (open 5th).
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8 0 10 9 0 10

This one is actually very pretty, but it is a pretty difficult to find chord shape, I found it when placing my fingers in totally random places.
There's no such thing as "unique chords" - they've already all been discovered and we already have a convention for naming any chord. We don't need a thread for them as we already have a "Name that chord" thread in Musician Talk, however I'll move this to MT as they'll be able to give you some pointers on naming the two chords you've posted.
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: this forum is also for difficult-to-play but pleasant sounding chords.
Play each bracket twice.
Left hand fingerings follow preceding brackets.
I=index, M=middle, R=ring, L=little finger.
e||---------| |---------| |------------| |------------| |
A||-3-------|I|---------| |----10---10-|M|----[B][color="Red"]10[/COLOR][/B]---[B][color="Red"]10[/COLOR][/B]-|[B]M[/B]|
E||---------| |-4-------|I|-11---------|R|-[B][color="Red"]10[/COLOR][/B]---------|[B]M[/B]|
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