Just saying a quick "Hi",
I have no experience of playing the guitar, but the love of my 80's/90's rock & metal over the past 25 years have now led me to order a Jackson Warrior and ID Core 20 amp to learn the electric guitar. A few youtube guitar cover vids of my favourite songs have caused me to take action!
I plan to self teach myself, and am starting at the basics: learning the chord shapes, strumming and then picking for now. I'm in no rush to learn, it'll be purely as a hobby, I do plan though to practice daily for up to an hour and progress to play songs from bands I love.
Well hello and welcome to the wondrous world of the guitar!
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Welcome! I just started a few months ago as well. Good luck with the journey.
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I must say, a Jackson Warrior is an excellent guitar! If you should ever become discouraged, I'll gladly that it off your hands

But seriously, best of luck in your guitar adventure!
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Welcome mate! And good luck learning the guitar. It's a wild journey, but you'll love it.