I own a Schecter C-1 classic and wondering how the ESP compares in terms of playability. The ESP is of course a higher end guitar but it does share the neck thru design as well as Seymore Duncan pickups. Anybody have experience with both of these? I like the Schecter alot but it is the only guitar I own that has that general type of design (neck through, Seymore duncan, etc). Lately I have been thinking of upgrading in that category and the ESP is obviously beautiful. I also read that ESP and Schecter have many similarities, so I don't want to introduce redunancy....
ESP and Schecter are owned by the same parent company, and the Korean made Schecters share the same factory with the LTD Deluxe line, as well as there being a lot of other similarities between the two brands in designs and specifications.

I have experience with MIK Schecters as well as ESP Standard Series guitars (own a Blackjack V and an Eclipse) and while I haven't played the exact models you're referring to, I honestly believe that apart from the difference in body-shape, you can't get two more similar guitars.

What differences are you looking for and where do you feel it isn't worth it?
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I sincerely appreciate your answer as that is pretty much my hunch looking at the two guitars. Your question is also spot on. The things I wish were different on the Classic are the vine of life on the fretboard. It occupies alot of real estate and feels a little synthetic for lack of a better word. I'm not sure if the electronics could be better (the wiring and pots), but I am told this is one of the areas where less expensive guitars have a disadvantage over their higher priced siblings. The frets feel a little high and rough on the classic. All that said though, the reason I stare at the EII Horizon III is that it reminds me of a finer version of the general classic design (I like the Classic alot). Unfortunately however, the Horizon does not appear to have the coil tap found on the classic (as sound I really like in the second pickup position).
Assuming this is the guitar in question.

The Horizon will be a superior guitar in terms of quality as it's made in the same factory as the older ESP standard series which were made in japan. It'll be different enough in comparison to your schecter as well due to having a floyd rose bridge, different pickups and neck profile. It also has coil taps, so you wont miss that either. If you can live without it saying ESP on the headstock (unfortunately I can't, for that price) go for it. I looked at one for months.
I was actually looking at its less expensive hard tail sibling:


Thanks for point out the Vol(P/P)/Tone/Toggle Switch. I guess the P/P means pull for tap. Nice!

I also have been staring at both of these guitars for months. Drool. But per my original question, asking myself if the upgrade from the Schecter is worth the money.
If you like your schecter, prefer this design and want a higher quality guitar. Go for it. Especially since you've been staring at it for months.