So I'm putting together a guitar for my little brother for his birthday. Gonna look like this:

I have the paint and custom pickguard from Warmoth. I have the pickups as well. The only question I have, I do not have the screws for the p90s. I recently purchased a guitar that had upgraded soapbars and the owner sent the originals but no screws to mount them (not just the two, the whole set) I was wondering if anyone knew what size screws I could get for this or if anyone knows a site to get them?

Thanks for any and all help. I'll be updating this with pictures as I complete the build.
1.25", #3-48.



Your local hardware store probably has them, might want to check there before paying for shipping on a handful of screws online. Take the pickups with you to double check, but that's the standard size screw for P90s and Humbuckers.