Just a simple question, so im pretty new to all of this but i really want to get into playing some shoegaze and ambient post rockish type of music and im thinking of getting a Fender Tele Standard. Just want to see if any players out there would recommend that guitar and if not what guitar is best for that type of playing?
lots of shoegaze and post rock bands use teles. Can name Mogwai of the top of my head.

Really, shoegaze and post rock is more about using a bunch of distortion/fuzz and delay into a clean/clean-ish amp.

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You could literally use anything. Seems like Fender guitars with P90's are also increasingly popular for that kind of music.

Blacktop Tele, Strat or Jazzmaster would be great. But I also don't see why you couldn't use a semi-hollow like a Starcaster, Thinline, ES-335 Pro or Dot. Or an LP with P90's. What the guitar is doesn't even really matter with all the modulation effects, it's more your amp.
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A Tele would be fine. Personally I think single coil pups sound best for that kind of stuff, but as someone said already the sound is really created by the effects you use. Also, consider getting a semi-hollow if you want to play with feedback or plan on doing noisier stuff. Just know that you'll have to play around feedback too.
Hare is one of Lush guitarist/vocalist Miki Berenyi's classic guitar rigs- note that she used P90s & humbuckers then, and not a boutique pedal in sight!

Later rigs included telecasters & other axes.

Lush co-guitarist Emma Anderson, OTOH, favored HBs & standard singlecoils at that time.
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Any guitar you're comfortable with will do the trick honestly.

Though a key to the MBV/Swervedriver-isms is a whammy bar of some kind.
Whateve guitar you like really. I've seen bands in these genres use all kinds of stuff. If the combo of your guitar and amp has a good clean sound, you're good to go.
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