Any advice on how to play in time to fast death/thrash beats? I can see myself playing to midtempo thrash beats, but I seem to have difficulty feeling and playing along to for example 220 bpm skank beats with eighth noted beats. I feel the only way that I can tell if I am still in time with 220 bpm skank beats is if the beginning of the riff that I'm playing always lands on the cymbal crash that usually starts a riff off.

How do I reduce the amount of mistakes I make when I play songs? Do I need to be one of those guitar players who practice 8 hours everyday? Are there certain drills I need to practice to make my playing more perfect?

Do I need to practice fine tuning and perfecting the way my picking hand executes certain riffs? For example, do I need to do repetitive drills that fine tune and perfect the way I play galloping riffs, tremolo picked riffs, palm muted down picked riffs, alternate picked riffs....etc until I am able to play those types of riffs perfectly?

I don't have any experience playing in a band and I may be jamming with people soon! So I really want to improve fast!

For everyone's reference I play Slayer Reign in Blood and Suffocation Effigy of the Forgotten inspired material. I have attached two songs attached to this thread https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1665263 for your reference.
Keep it to the one thread, the other one you have is perfectly fine.

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