Hey guys, I'm the keyboard player from the new canadian progressive metal band "Colliding Parallels". I thought I would share two songs with you.


First one is "In the Mind of Homunculus" and has a bit of an ambiant-electro feel to it. The history of this song is that I came up with that lead idea before a jam and then we improvised around it all night until we got it as we liked it. It was pretty much the first time that we made a song out of a jam, it was a pretty cool experience. IMHO, our guitarist did a wonderful job in the solo, let me know what you guys think. I also got to have a lot of fun with the keyboard tracks.

The second song is "A Fit of Anger" and has some metalcore vibe to it. I do the metalcore "screams" back vocals in the beginning. Overall, I think the song still has some progressive elements to it.

Please, let me know what you guys think, I'd appreciate any constructive criticism or praises. I'll C4C your song as soon as possible, just put a link to it in your reply.


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Hey dude,

In the Mind of Homonculus is good. The beginning was very well done. In terms of production, the balance is almost perfect. There just needs to be a slight boost in volume in the vocals and the guitar in parts, as they are meant to attract the most attention and so should stand out just a little bit more, but its definitely not a bad mix. The drums were quite good, I like how they werent just monotonous rhythm and fill, like there was diversity there. The song had quite a Maiden vibe to it in places, but it went in an interesting direction too. The solo was very nice and melodic, and the playing clean and enunciated.

The main areas of concern for me were the mix, which needs a slight polish to achieve perfection, the area in 2:50 onwards for about 10-15 seconds is a good demonstration of the lead bits needing to be louder. It also felt like in that short part there was a bit of a lack of energy, but that could be quite easily due to the mix.

Overall very good song, just needs a polish to make it just that extra step higher in terms of quality.

A Fit of Anger - Your screams are very good. Well done! A Fit of Anger was good. It didnt really stand out to me in the same way as the first song, but that is more a personal opinion thing than anything else.

The break is pretty good, the background vocals and stuff are nice but they feel like they lack a bit of energy, probably because they sound as if they were sung softly. In the case of this sort of thing, its probably a better idea to sing at a normal or even louder volume, and simply add liberal amounts of reverb and decrease the volume of the track that the background vocals are in to push them to the back of the mix. Thats the only thing I can really give a thing to improve on, the rest of the song was damn good. You are blessed with your guitarist's ability to solo. (as you are with all of the other band members too!)

Keep it up, youre doing pretty great, you just gotta polish it all to the max, bring it up to the absolute max it can be at.

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Thanks TommyGun for the very detailed review of the two songs. I'll forward your comments on production to our drummer who did all of it, I'm sure he'll appreciate all your tips. I agree with all you said. I am at work at the moment, but I'll comment back on your songs tonight, I promise.
In the Mind of Homonculus - great title!!! And great intro, really sharp entry, trenchant, immediate, forceful, edgy. This vibe carries through the song. The overall engineering sounds a bit light and cluttered - is this a drum machine? But the ideas are very strong. The arrangement needs to be tidied up a little. The singing is strong, but he needs to loosen up a little on the top notes - but it's a great voice with a full range and tone. I don't feel that the piano is quite congruous with the rest of the sound - a keyboard sound would work better. The guitar and bass are played excellently.
In short, lots of great ideas and musicianship, needs to be arranged and disciplined a bit better, but tons of potential. Some outstanding high notes from the singer at the end- he should just have confidence and let it flow, as he's obviously a phenomenal talent.
A Fit Of Anger - sounds more focused. Great entry, guitar, drums, the polyrhythms are most excellent. Again the vocalist needs to find himself, just let his great vocal talent sit naturally. Some super slick bass work too. Again, loads of super musicianship here, but it needs to be focused into memorable songs. This song is not bad, but I feel with this amount of talent, these guys could apply themselves better, and create something really special.
Further listening reinforces these sentiments. You guys should really try to compose something special, something catchy but still with your heavy muso vibe. Your singer has a quite prodigious voice, massive range, but he just needs to find his style and simply be a bit more natural. With the huge raw talents here, you need to tame and focus them into crafted compositions, and it'll be simply brilliant.

If that wasn't too harsh, you can C4C here.
Thanks Jathon, I just commented back on one of your song. I appreciate the detailed feedback on our song. Thanks for all the praise. I agree with you on most things you said, especially regarding composing more "coherent/mature/crafted" songs. I think it'll come naturally with the experience of being together. The band and I already talked about the fact that our songs were pretty heterogeneous and that we were still trying to find our own identity. I'm sure it'll come with time, but I really appreciate all your comments.

I'll let the other band members read both of your reviews btw. Thanks!
Really cool stuff, I would enjoy seeing you guys live I'm sure of it. Here are my thoughts on In the Mind of Homunculus:

First, I'll comment on the playing, omitting the mixing.
Very good vocals, obviously there's room for improvement as always (breathing-wise I would say, to keep an even power up and down your range). Guitar does a fantastic job, good tone, good touch, knows when to step in and out, very nice solo. Bass is also pretty neat, got some bad ass lines at the 3:00 mark. Drummer has some pretty good ideas, personally I think your kit sounds like crap though, but I still enjoy it. Keyboard keeps a spot on atmosphere in the quiet parts, could use a more subtile tone in the chorus, overall the chords voicing are simple but inspiring.

Now, mixing wise...
First of all, the keyboard is way to upfront and loud throughout the song. You might want to make it dominant once in the chorus after the bridge or something, but not from start to finish...Also, the drum sounds like its been mixed on 1-2 tracks, there's no subtetly in the panning/voluming. Bass tone in killer, very good, but again it gets lost in the keyboard wall of sound too often. Guitar is spot-on.

Overall, the musicianship is impressive, may be lacking a bit of maturity/cohesion/magic touch, but is none the less promising. I think a revamping of the panning and volume balance would benefit greatly, as would a professionnal mixing/recording (especially for the drums).
Intro synth is good, but a bit more distortion than I'd like: I'm sensitive to high frequencies. Vocals are very good, reminds me of Tommy Shaw at times. Piano is very nice, and I like the drums & electric bass. Very good lead guitar! Very nice song & recording! I could picture this getting radio play in the 80's. Please review my music at this link: