Hey guys,


We are Colliding Parallels, a new "progressive metal" band from Canada. I don't like to use labels, but I think it's the genre that is the closest to what we are doing. We have 3 songs uploaded on our Reverbnation page, and will upload 2 others in the upcoming weeks.

We are basically 4 guys currently living in Quebec City and music has been our hobby for a long time. We do it for fun and we try to experiment new things, that's why our 3 songs sound very different from each other.

We are self-produced and we decided that we would not use any kind of "drum triggering" or drums VST, as well as autotune or anything like that. Our drummer pretty much one-shot every songs (I mean the whole song is one attempt, not triggered nor quantized). We think that is different from the mainstream way of doing it and you can hear it, you either love it or not I guess.

Check us out and let me know what you think! Any comments/criticism/pro tips would be very appreciated.


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Merci! Notre drummer commence à apprendre comment enregistrer, il n'a fait que 3 toones avant. Si tu as des commentaires précis ou des conseils pour la production, laisse-nous savoir ;-)

Va voir notre page facebook et "like", si on passe dans le coin du Saguenay, tu pourra le savoir et tu viendra prendre une bière avec nous autres.