Guitar sounds bad to me. Its like trying to be experimental and psychedelic, but naaah... You should put more volume to your singing i think, there was few notes where you did hit off the "good notes". Its great to try to make it your own style but just minor mistakes...

It sounds too british for me anyway
There are actually some things about this I really like.

First the bad:
There's something really funky going on with the left/right of the mix, and that needs to be fixed in order to make this presentable.

Virtually all my problems with this are mix related, so I'll just leave it at that, you already said as much.

Now the good:
* The vocals are actually ****ing awesome. You're a talented singer.

* The mix wouldn't actually be that bad if the overpowering stereo issues were resolved I think you'd actually be close right there. Maybe add a touch more bass, not too much.

There's my feedback, if you're interested in checking out my Motley Crue cover, here tis bro:

Thank you very much guys for your comments!

Right, totally agree with you I messed up lots of things mixing-wise.

As far as the guitar tone, what could I have done different? I got it that I shouldn't have used so much echo on some instruments because they keep cross-feeding. But what's your suggestion tone wise? Too much gain, too slushy? What is it? I can't quite find my overdriven tone.