I've been sailing in my ship of mysteries
For the past thousands of centuries
Seeking in the depths of the deepest seas
For the beasts, the devil's progenies.

Many times, I past the horizon
Of every oceans glittering like diamonds.
Came and went countless seasons
In my search of the sole demon.

Will I ever
Find her?
Will I ever?
The devil's daughter!

I fought the strongest of all storms
Creatures of all kinds of forms.
Now that I have inwardly transformed
Never will I conform to the norm!

One day in the darkest night
After my bloodiest and final fight
I saw a glimmering light
I had never seen one so bright...

Will I ever
Find her?
Will I ever?
The devil's daughter!

Up the hill, I saw the shadow of a woman
Her appearance was like an ill omen
She surely was the offspring of the demon
Her appearance was like an illusion

I climbed the hill then I climbed the clouds
I went to a place where I was not allowed
"Are you really her?" I asked aloud
Then shed faded away, like a sneeze in a crowd

I have never
Found her!
I have never!
The devil's daughter!
Way to go! Very impressive attempt!

P.S. Is it on purpose that in most of your couplets you use the a-a-a-a pattern? meaning, the first line rhymes with the second, then the third, then the fourth. I somehow got the idea that the a-b-a-b pattern breaks things up quite a bit. But much of that of course hangs on the melody and chord changes, too.
Hey Sound Crowd,
Thanks for the comment. Yes, the a-a-a-a pattern was on purpose. I wanted to make that feel "bewitching" (if that's the term, I don't speak English as my mother tongue). Like a legend, mysterious. I thought that a-b-a-b would break the flow of the story. I could have went with a-a-b-b though, that's a good point!