So until just recently, I had just been running all my pedals in front of my amp, and I just decided to see if it would make a difference in my tone running certain pedals in the loop, and turns out, my tone is a LOT better. So the main thing I'm not too sure about is if I'm running the right pedals in the loop. Currently I have my chorus, phase, noise suppressor, and delay in the loop, and my tuner, wah, overdrive, and fuzz in front of the amp, and I'm going to be getting a Micro POG soon, and I wasn't sure where that should go.

Still kind of a noobie at this, so bear with me here

This is the most helpful thing you will read on the internet regarding this, period. This would also belong in the pedalboard thread ('Rise of the D.I.N.G.O. Unchained'), so you could ask there too if you're still unsure after reading the link.

Now, as to what I would have the order as: Guitar ---> Tuner ---> Wah ---> Overdrive ---> Fuzz ---> Amp Input, Effects Loop Send ---> POG ---> Chorus ---> Phaser ---> Delay ---> Noise Supressor ---> Effects Loop Return.

Hope this helped
The above post is in terms of 'YMMV' and 'IMO', etc...

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you could also place the phaser before the distortion. if you are using it on cleans only leave it int the effects loop but I find it easier to use before the distortion when using distortion. You may wish to place the pog just before/ just after the distortion.
I'd set mine up exactly as 2Crosser mentioned. That said, both the POG and Phaser will sound good in front of the amp. It's really a matter of preference so make sure you try both ways.
what you're doing so far sounds just fine

(not sure about the POG, I haven't used one)

you can also run modulation (phaser, chorus) in front if you prefer the tone

depending on what the noise gate is you can sometimes run it both in front and in the loop
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