I installed a BKP Juggernaut in the bridge of my ibanex rgr321ex as the stock pickups were rubbish. However, the juggernaut is too bassy and muffled for my tastes. I am taking this out and selling it and looking for a replacement.

I've used an EMG 81/85 set before and I loved the tightness of them but wanted to stick with passives in this guitar.

I use recabinet 4 vst and the EMGs sounded pretty good through it. I watched the soundcloud seymour duncan comparisons:


I think the duncan distortion and dimebuckers sound too treble for me but I do like the sound of the alternative 8 (SH-15).

Kinda goes like this: EMGs (too tight but quite liked the tone) > BKP Juggernaut (not tight enough - too bassy and muffled). When I say tight, I mean for palm mute stuff and how quick a note goes dead after a palm mute, if that makes any sense. I see tight as fear factory demanufacture tone.

I'd love to be able to test a load of these things but buying 5 or so different pickups and playing for a few days and comparing is not really a feasible option and would like to hear from others. Of course, there are a bunch of newer products like pegasus/sentient/nazgul. Nightmare. Looking at seymour duncan purely because of better price.

Anyway, thanks for any suggestions.
If you think juggernaut's are too muffled and EMG's are very tight then the problem might not be the p/ups here.

What amp have you got?
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how quick a note goes dead after a palm mute
That has nothing to do with the p/ups, only technique.

And a noise gate.
Or more than one noise gates.
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Anyway, thanks for any suggestions.
For tightness and clarity, duncan distortion's and nazgul's are good if ya ask me.

Also if you have a the money, look at lundgren.
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My immediate suggestion are Lace deathbuckers and not switching down to 250K pots and keeping the 500Ks..... or you could try going to 1 meg pots with the pickups you have.

Then again I have an RG7321 and I find the fatal flaw with many 321 RGs is the bridge pickup is too far away from the bridge, making it naturally more bassy by design.

Have you tried an EQ pedal or anything like that at all? A lot of problems people think are solved by new pickups can actually be solved by an EQ pedal.
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^^+1 about the EQ pedal.

TS, have you tried SD Blackouts? I have them in one of my guitars (the standard AHB-1s). They are warmer and slightly looser than the usual EMG 81/85 set -- but still in the realm of "tight." I love mine. Plus, I'm pretty sure Dino Cazares had a hand in designing them...
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Tried two scenarios:

1) Guitar 1 > green rhino > isp decimator 2 > laney ironheart > 2 x 12 cab (v30s)
2) Guitar 2 > ts808 > recabinet 4 (5150 clone) > monitors

With bareknuckle and EMG and the bareknuckle is clearly more muffled which I would expect. Not 100% fair either as two different guitars. However, there must be a nice middle ground for me.

Just using software at the moment but even then I tried 4 guitars and different pickups make an obvious difference. I have tried EQing in the software but it's not doing it for me. The blackouts sound good but looking for passive bridge.
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Have you considered the Seymour Duncan SH8?

I'll try whatever, will have about £80 for it. Maybe even dimarzios, literally open to anything passive.
For passive you have:
JB, Invader, 59,Nazgul(Or whatever it's called),Black Winters and a few others.

X2N(I want this), D-Activator(Passive, but acts like active)

And a Bunch of Bareknuckles.
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Using just vst at the moment.

Guitar > ts808 > recabinet 4 (psycho B - 5150 clone) > monitors.

Changing my pick to a 1.21mm dunlop tortex seemed to sharpen things up a bit compared to my usual petrucci jazz iii picks. The tiny jazz iii makes things even more blurry. I swear the juggernaut has thrown a carpet over everything but it may be as simple as it's not a good match for this guitar, TheStig1214 mentioning earlier about the bridge pickup being slightly further away from the bridge which would make a low-mid heavy juggernaut sound pretty muddy in comparison to a nazgul/blackwinter perhaps. Or it could be the vst is just not working for me (although the EMGs still sounded better to me through the vst).

It's a shame I don't have another 6 string guitar to stick the juggernaut in so I could get the full potential out of it. The tone sounds really ballsy and fat and would probably sound sweet in another guitar if it could tighten up a bit. I've tried different heights too but nothing amazing happened.

The nazgul looks like a nice choice though, I've heard clips but will investigate further. The green rhino overdrive and laney ironheart was a sweet sound to me (yep, should never have sold my gear for software...).
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Ok, so I got a duncan custom TB-5 in the end and installed this morning in the rgr321ex.

I like it, I can't hear a great deal of difference, apart from £50 cheaper! I'm sure the differences would become more apparent through cranked tube amps but that's not gonna happen here any time soon.

Thanks everyone.

**EDIT** on listening to single tracks centred (TB-5 vs Jugg) the difference actually becomes very obvious. To my ears, the TB-5 is less bassy and more (middle to upper) mids. Both seem the same tightness. Personally prefer the TB-5.
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