Hey, so I've been wanting an amp upgrade and I came across a Peavey Vypyr 30 in a local music store at 170€ and really liked it. I don't want to spend much more money than that on an amp, and there's not an abundance of music stores in my area so I'm inclined to buy it.

I found a used Vypyr 75 for exactly the same price in my area, do you think I would be better off with this one, or with a completely distinct one for that matter? I have an Epiphone LP 100 and play mostly grunge/hard rock/metal, I don't want to spend a lot of money on effect pedals either, (which is why I liked the Vypyr) and this would be used almost entirely as a practice amp, and maybe rehearsal/small venue in case I get in a band in the next few years - which is why i think the Vypyr 75 might be a bit overkill, no?

Also, in case I do actually end up buying a Vypyr, I know the onboard looper needs a Sanpera footswitch to work ( :'( ), but my questions to any of you who own this amp/one of this amp series are: does the auto-wah stompbox also require it? do you find it hard to switch presets without it? Basically, do you recommend buying a Sanpera? xD

Appreciate any input, thanks
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does the auto-wah stompbox also require it? do you find it hard to switch presets without it? Basically, do you recommend buying a Sanpera? xD
I don't own one but I've played amps from that series and...

The auto wah stompbox doesn't require the sanpera.
It's not that hard to switch presets, but it's hella more comfortable to do so using a foot controller.

I do recommend buying a sanpera.

Anyway, you should look around for a used vypyr tube 60 in your area.
Same amp with a tube power section, and sounds much better than the SS one if ya ask me.

A 75w amp will not be overkill for anything - amps have volume controls.
Also smaller amps don't sound better at lower volumes than big amps.
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The amps are great. Good sounds and very versatile. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the sanpera. You cannot turn the reverb on or off via the sanpera when in manual mode. It triggers patch changes when switch released, not when pressed. Unfortunately holding down the switch also enters edit mode so if you hold the switch down on the sanpera for more than 1 second no patch will change when you release it, so when you stamp on it again it will over write your preset with the one you were already using. Also the switches are too close to the pedal. Everytime I use switch 4 I turn the volume pedal down. Poor design all round. Mine is version 1 so maybe newer models are better but the original sanpera 2 sucks. A lot.
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