I was wondering if theres a cheap looper out there that i can buy. Im just looking for a tool to you know; try out polyfonies and stuff. Im not gonna perform with it or anything. Im looking for a very cheap looper that has like 1 toggle and very low memory(no permanent memory), that is just for structural purposes. Is there anything like this out there?
There is the Boss RC-1 Loop Station

Straightforward and easy to operate
Newly designed loop indicator displays the current loop mode (Rec/Overdub/Play)
Runs on a single 9-volt alkaline battery (approximately 4.5 hours of battery life)
Can be used with an optional AC adaptor (PSA series: sold separately)
12 minutes of stereo recording time
Stereo inputs and outputs
Flexible external footswitch options
Recorded phrase is retained in memory even after the RC-1 is turned off

It comes in at around £80 in the UK
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If you're just looking for something to experiment with, what about getting a multi-effect pedal with a looper built in? Then you'd have the looper you want to play with, loads more to try, and something you may find useful either for other effects while gigging or just as a headphone practice tool.

My favourite recommendation is always the Zoom G1on or G3 - they include all the effects & amp sims most people will need, as well as a looper which automatically synchs to the in-built drum sequencer.
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If you want a cheap decent looper the Digitech Jamman express is only $100

TC Ditto looper ($99)is also cool or the TC Flashback ($160)which has a bunch of nice delays and a looper

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I love the TC Ditto. Its as simple as it can get. Plus, true bypass.
Depending on your budget, your cheapest bets are going to be either the TC Ditto or the Digitech JMS (Jam Man Solo).

Also delay pedals like the Boss DD-7 feature a hold mode that functions like a looper.

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I have the Ditto Looper and it is a great piece of kit, but I now wish I'd bought the BOSS RC3.


a) Convenience - The BOSS can run on battery the Ditto needs a power supply. If you just want to try a loop you don't necessarily want to lug your pedal board around or have to sort another power supply.

b) Rhythms - The Boss has a rhythm library. This sounds a bit of a gimmick but it synchronises the length of your loop to the rhythm. This may not sound a big deal but, with the Ditto you have to hit the start and finish of the first recorded phrase spot on (not that difficult with practice but still frustrating when you miss it).

c) Memory - The Boss can store up to 99 previous loops. The Ditto only holds the last loop you did.

d) Stereo - I use my looper in a twin amp configuration sending the loops to one and keeping the signal to my main amp free to stop it getting muddy. With stereo (and my ABY pedal) I have a choice of which amp to record the loop for.

The RC3 is a fair bit more expensive than the Ditto but I now crave those extra features.