I thought I'd share the opening track from my recently released album, Gemini.


It was more or less a 7 string guitar tribute to Jason Becker I wrote during the well known "ice bucket challenge". I thought this was far more thoughtful than pouring ice water over my head.

You can find the rest of the album here:


If anyone wants tabs to any of my original material, let me know, and I will put them somewhere where you can get them in pdf and guitar pro format.

All the best.
Hey man,

The opening track is mixed pretty well, plenty of low end on the main riff guitar, its loud enough but it doesnt overpower the drums or bass. so good job there. The lead guitar is a tad quiet, so maybe dial back the riff guitar a bit, just to achieve a slightly better balance. Nice and eastern sounding, gotta love that shit, and the synths too. As it goes on its almost reminiscent of Yngwie Malmsteen. Good atmosphere. The bit where the rhythm changes is sick! Nice phrasing in your solo.

The track has a nice feel too it, but the one thing I would say is when the track finished, I couldnt think of anything that really stood out to make the piece yours. What I mean is I couldnt think of one particular melody that was developed or played around with sufficiently so as to leave an image in the listeners head. A short, memorable melodic or rhythmic pattern is easy to play with and sticks in a listeners head and gives them something to remember when they think of the song title. So like, the riff in the beginning for example, it would be good to bring it in a bit more often in the song as it progresses with like call and response with the lead guitar, or even have the lead play it in a slightly altered way. The part at 0:37 you have that play with the riff, which is good, and more of a similar thing makes the piece more memorable. The way that you develop the riff is entirely up to you. Take artistic liberties.

Overall a nice track, think about development of a main memorable idea for your future stuff man.

Make more stuff!

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Nice track here, man. Its very neoclassical and "Becker-ish." I am a big fan of Jason and Marty, and I really enjoyed the track. Not enough long sweeps, though.
The rhythm guitar is too loud for my taste. Other than that, its a good mix.