Hi guys!

There is some weird thing going on with my D string. When it's tuned to D correctly according to the tuner and when I push down on the 5th fret the G note is too sharp, like 10-15%. It makes it a bitch to tune the guitar by ear. What can cause this problem? Does it have to do something with the intonation?


Oh yeah, and the D string has a lot of fret buzz as well.
Fret buzz can be several things. If it's just in one place, good chance it's a high fret. Tap it down lightly using a wooden dowel. IF that doesn't work it will need to be filed down and re crowned.

If if buzzes on several frets, probably not enough neck relief. That means truss rod adjustment. Some on here don't agree but I always recommend having that done by a pro until you learn a bit about working on guitars. Not hard to do, but also not hard to break a truss rod, which will probably cost more to fix than a new guitar.

As for tuning, get the fret buzz figured out then fixed, and use the harmonics. More reliable anyway, finger pressure can make any string slightly sharp and your tuning will be off.

5th fret harmonic on the E string should be the same pitch as the 7th fret harmonic on the D string. Ditto for all but the G and B strings. Those two do not match. Touch the string lightly, directly above the fret, and pick it. That creates a harmonic. I've used them for tuning by ear for 30 years. Or more...

Find the setup thread, guess I need to bookmark it, go through it and make sure your guitar is set up well, if you know a little about working on guitars, adjust the truss rod if it needs it, if not take it to a tech.
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