I currently offer a service where I convert midi (Guitar Pro, etc) to audio. Thought I'd post in here because it seems like a pretty relevant place. I mainly focus on rock and heavy metal but I'm open to other genre's if I feel it is possible.

I will record guitars and bass then use a sequencer for the drums. I will also mix it to a professional standard.

You can listen to some examples on my website: http://www.chimeraaudio.com

This song in particular was recorded for a customer. I was basically handed a guitar pro file and worked from there: https://soundcloud.com/chris-tranmer-1/artsic-odin-vs-axeman-t-m-ma

If you are interested then please contact me through my website or on here.
Hmm weird... You posted a thread offering a service and noone responded to it yet, yet you keep needlessly bumping it. Could it be because noone cares?
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no offense to you OP, but i dont foresee this being successful. youre asking people to send their hard work to a stranger on the internet. even if what you're doing is totally legitimate, you cant expect people to have that kind of trust right off the bat. also, bumping can get yourself banned, so you should stop doing that