Hello, everyone! I rarely post in this part of the forum, but I figure it is the most appropriate place to ask this.

I bought my Epiphone LP Standard new back in September 2008, and I've had it ever since. It was the first guitar that I bought with my own money, and it have a lot of sentimental value to me. I upgraded the pickups and electronics 4 years ago, but I did not do anything with the hardware. Plus, I actual find it very comfortable to play.

I was thinking of getting a new bridge as well as new tuning pegs. I have a strong feeling that the nut was changed out at one point, but I'm not sure. My questions for everyone here are as follows:

(1) What are some good replacements for the bridge (ToM) and tuning pegs? I usually hear people saying that Kluson pegs are good replacements, but I'm not sure.

(2) Would it be worth it to upgrade the hardware? I mean, I really enjoy this guitar, even though it's not a top-end model.

(3) What would a good budget be for the hardware? I was thinking that it would be in the neighborhood of $120USD or so.

Thanks for your help, everyone!
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roller bridges on ebay or guitarfetish is always one option. Tonepros makes a very good bridge too. That is for the tuneomatic. The cheapest roller bridges I think are 6-10$USD but my guitar tech friend couldn't keep them in stock how fast they were flying off the shelf.

now tuning pegs! this is interesting
ok so if you do have 9.14mm tuners (no nut or furrule) grovers are a great alternative. They do make "vintage style". Many guys swear by grovers. If not there is a bunch of other options such as schaller, sperzel (trim locks are nice) and so forth. Just make sure that you get the right hole size.

there is 10mm (modern)
and 9.14mm (vintage style)

you could also go with a bone nut as well, or graphtech tusq nut to improve tuning stabillity more. Your stoptail is fine and I'm so glad you didn't mention pickups like 95% of guys that is the first thing they want to change.

but here's what I tell guys. Keep the low end gear in a bag or something. If you put expensive parts on a guitar and after a few years don't think the guitar deserves it any more you can put it on another guitar. Just keep the old stuff. I posted a epiphone les paul deluxe in the two changes I made to it over the course of 3-6 months.
Kluson tuners I like much less than Grover, Schaller, Sperzel. Locking tuners are nice though

Epiphones come with nice brass TOM bridges/tail piece stock, so those should be fine.

I'd get a set of pickups, because Epiphone's don't have the best
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A lot of Epiphone's stock hardware these days is actually pretty good. If you're having tuning issues with the guitar, roller bridges do help a little, and TUSQ nuts help a lot.

I would say put in a Switchcraft switch and jack, but since they're part of the electronics, I assume you've already replaced those.

The stock Grover tuners are really good, but if you just want the guitar to look a bit different, go for it. Lots of good options from the likes of Wilkinson, Gotoh, Grover, Schaller, Kluson etc. Locking tuners make restringing faster, but they won't really help tuning stability if you string non-locking ones correctly.

I'd personally swap out the kidney bean knobs on the Grovers for keystones because they look really nice on Les Pauls.
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Hey, thanks guys! I think I'll just do a TUSQ nut, and I'll swap out the tuning pegs. And yeah, the electronics and pups have long been upgraded. I just wanted to do some fine tuning on it.
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