Hey fellow guitar'ers! I got a new guitar recently and was inspired to write some faster stuff than what we usually go for. I've really been trying to work on my lead playing and get to place where I feel like I'm not terrible at them. Getting there slowly. Anyways, check it out and I hope you guys dig the sounds.

Omnipocalypse - Insecticide Rain
Hello there.

This is a well produced piece. Everything sits together nicely and the leads you have been working on sound clean and compliment the rhythm section well. I liked some of the vocal effects used too - they layer up nicely.

The track itself left me a little indifferent. There was nothing wrong with it and it wasnt that I didnt enjoy listening to it. It just didnt really grab me.

Anyway, personal preference aside, it's clearly a well written and produced track.

Awesome Track! I really like the balance between sheer heaviness and melody. I'm not that much into tech death, but this was pretty beastly
Very well mixed! But I feel like it should have a little more dynamic in the verse riff. But maybe that's what djent is about, I wouldn't know. Anyways, your lead playing is really nice.
Kudos to you, man