I am planing to put 57/66 set on my ESP Horizon instead of 81/85 which is set guitar came with. My question is, can I only swap pickups without swaping the electronics inside (pots etc.)?
Probaly, In my experience on my own guitars i can change emg's without even removing the strings, they just hook up with the connector, screw 'm back in and you're done
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Depends if the p/ups that came in the guitar you own have the new solderless system.

If so, you can, else it's gonna be easier to change the electronics as well.
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Don't know that for sure, guitar was made in 2007 sooo... probably? Still, pickup is pickup, right? I can just unplug jack from 81 and put it into 57?
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No. Most pickups just have a few wires sticking out of them, and you have to solder them on the pots and switch and whatnot. Newer EMGs however, use a special system of plugs, so you dont have to solder, you literaly just connect the wires and parts together.

But if you have the normal kind, that has all the components soldered together, you cant use the connectors that will come with the new 57/66 set. You will have to cut the connectors of, and then solder the wires manually. Or, you can simply buy a full set, complete with electronics and replace all of them.

You can easily check, if you have a solderles system installed or not, by just opening the back panel of the guitar. You probably have the normal hand soldered system tho, i got my EC 401 about 2 months ago, and it still has everything soldered together.
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You won't have to replace pots and the jack and stuff.
Even if it's not the soderless system you can just solder them up how the old pickups were.
And if they are, just unplug the old ones and put the new ones in.
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IIRC the solderless system was introduced in 2010, so no, your guitar isn't solderless.

Check the cavity to make sure. It's not terribly complicated to wire pickups. Follow a diagram and you'll be just fine.
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the pickups have a plug, i have some from probably a decade ago. i swapped and just plugged in the connecter. didnt' have to remover strings or take the back off.

Yes, you can just swap the pickups, simply unplug the old ones and plug in the new ones in the pickup cavity. The solderless system everyone is referring to is actually to deal with the connection to the pots. EMGs all have plug connections at the pick for the last 10-15 years at least, only recently they decided lets make everything solderless including the connections from the pickups to the volume and tone pots. So whether its the solderless set or not, the pickups themselves are still plug and play.