Hello Everyone,
I just have electric drums (Roland) and my sister has electric guitar. I was told to connect both of them with a microphone, then i need a PA system. Is that true? Also do you have suggestions of good PA that suits e-drums and e-guitar with range 200 to 250 euros, please???
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Are you asking whether you need an amp to play them? If so then no you don't.
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You have something that makes electrical signals and such - a guitar, electric drums, whatever - and yes you need something to make the electrical signals turn back into sound you can hear.

Why would you need a microphone? For vocals?

An electric drum kit should have an audio output of some kind. Generally that will be what's called, "Line Level" unless it's a really cheap kit in which case it will be "Consumer Level." You could probably plug the drums into just about anything, but the guitar needs a "pre-amp" because the signal off of the pickups is still very, very weak.

A lot of guitar amps have an "aux in" which is where you would plug your drums.

Just think, the drums are electronic to begin with, so the sound is "ready to go" - to plug in somewhere and go. The guitar needs a "boost," and you either need a Direct Input box of some type, or an amp.

Vox sells little portable amps for like $40 USD that plug into a pair of headphones. Pretty impressive sound, really, for that price!

I've plugged that into my stereo before, though you've got to be prepared to roach your speakers and/or amp if you do that. I pick up receivers and speakers all the time at, like, garage sales so I don't care.


Blew another one.

Might not want to do that with Dad's home stereo.
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Don't use a guitar amp if possible. Drums might blow it. a dedicated drum amp by roland is a bit pricey but will be robust enough. alternatively use a keyboard amp - these have been designed to cope with drum sounds.