Hey guys, My names Cole and I am really starting to hit a wall with playing. I now have two records under my belt but still feel as though I'm not a great player. I can play and write our songs, however when it comes to improvising and shredding I'm just not that great at it. Basically I was listening to the band Their/They're/There specifically the song: travelers insurance. I can't even comprehend that kind of speed and dexterity, But I want to. I want to be able to play and compose beautiful things like that. What scales should I be practicing? What modes should I be practicing? I know it's strange but I guess I just don't know what I should be practicing. Any and all tips are appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

-Cole Fleming
Well Cole for any speed get into Speed Mechanics by Troy Stetina book/cd or cassette.

Get serious with that and your shred/lack of speed problems will be solved.

Among the standards, practise with a metronome, small pick movements etc. that usually comes up and are perfectly valid.

SM covers all aspects including great advice on the above instead of 10000000000 youtube and forum options where you might not get it and Troy has earned the respect if you google it.

I finally did my self after 2 decades with the book and shred/speed yes.

Just ad some music to it you want to learn and play as otherwise you will find it boring after a while.
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First write down your goals.

Then think how much you can use time to get those and then start thinking again.

I try to do technique training about 30 min- one hour. In my active training sessions. Now days I dont do so much scale practicing, because i think i got enough good understanding of the guitar neck. But when you are doing scale practicing, you can combine that with technical training. Always use metronome and do different rhythms.

Basic modes are the most important. Also Harmonic minor, Altered scale are good to know...
There are scales all over the world, so there will be no ending. It depends a lot what kind of music you are playing.