Hey everyone, I've had a Martin d12x1 for years now, and recently my dog (I shit you not) ate my saddle while I was changing strings (debated disowning him, we've made peace since). The specs on the guitar say that it is "16'' Radius/Compensated/White Tusq."

would this (http://www.graphtech.com/products/brands/tusq/product-detail/pq-9216-c0-tusq-saddle-acoustic-compensated-16-radius) fit the guitar, you think? Does anyone have any better recommendations? I will consider anything that fits, and I am definitely looking to experiment with tone if I have options. Thanks!
You really have to use a micrometer and measure the thickness of the saddle.

The one you have linked is 1/8". I know that many Martins have 3/32" saddles, and some are not compensated.

It's quite easy to change the face radius of an uncompensated saddle to match your fret board radius. But, changing the thickness across the entire length of the saddle strikes me as being, well, a bitch.

Graphtech does have quite a range of saddles, so you should be able to find what you need from them. "Tusq", or their other product, "Nubone", are both well thought of, (I'm going to say), by a majority of players.

Of course their are other material, "solutions" that have both proponents and detractors.

I've seen where you could spend up to a couple hundred dollars for a more esoteric material part. Something on the order of prehistoric whale penis bone. That said, I'd hate to be the dog that ate one of those.... It's the kind of thing he wouldn't be able to live down easily, if at all.
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You realize if you showed up for band practice with the excuse, "the dog ate my guitar saddle", it likely wouldn't fly, er, don't you?
Take the guitar with you to the local music store. Tell them you need a saddle and match one to the guitar. Eliminates guesswork.

I've always been partial to bone, I'm just that kinda guy. Last time I looked, under $5. Get the right radius, sand the flat side for the right height. It's not hard to fit one to your guitar, even one too long can be modified, but try for the right thickness. That can be dealt with too, but it takes a little while.

Use whatever material you wish, bone is my preference, I've heard the other newer materials are pretty good too. The only one I have experience with is in my Peavey Patriot, don't know what the material is though, it's the factory nut, black, and been in use since about 1984 with no trouble at all.
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If your gonna get another tusq saddle, you can email graphtech and they will give you the right part #. They also have a sizing guide on their website if you can find your guitar model on there.
I got one from here for Xmas: http://www.guitarsaddles.com

I have been very satisfied. I did a bone one. They come over-sized but with the right radius and intonation for your guitar. Just let bob know the make and model of your guitar and he will likely know what you need. You will need to sand the saddle down to fit and to be the right height for your action but they come with really good instructions and it is a really easy process. Mine turned out great and I liked the tone after switching from TUSQ. If you are looking to experiment with tone, I would try bone if I were you.

If you do get a bone saddle, you will need to be extra careful though, cause if your dog liked TUSQ, he is gonna love bone!