Hi all! Just signed up here to make a thread asking for some assistance in a custom project I'm working on. I'm attempting to put together a guitar with a red and black color scheme and I'm looking for a neck with a solid red fretboard with black bar inlays, but for the life of me I cannot find an outfit that offers finished fretboards. I contacted Warmoth about it and they couldn't help me. I know they exist, I believe Kerry King has something similar and I know that Fieldy has that all-white bass with a finished white fretboard. Any ideas would be really appreciated. Thank you!
I've seen several unique and even production guitars with painted/stained fingerboards, but have never seen anyone making painted fingerboards for sale. You might have to contact a local luthier.
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A red fretboard? As in bright red? Wouldn't that look really garish?

I suppose the closest thing I can think of to what you're looking for is a Padouk fretboard.

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You could find a raw maple neck with the black markers you like and some good quality red paint and then clear poly over it and buff it for a professional look, my buddy (who paints cars) did a stunning cobalt blue fretboard on a maple board with black block inlays which he meticulosly had to mask for a client who then had the frets dressed and polished to remove the paint, I used to have a picture but unfortunately I can't find it.

The masking was tedious but the end result looked very professional!

The clear kept the paint in good shape, at least for the 5 or so years my buddy was still in contact with the guy.
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I suppose the closest thing I can think of to what you're looking for is a Padouk fretboard.

+1 to that. Or maybe even Cocobolo although I'm not sure how suitable that is as a fretboard! Definitely do the research on that one.

Jeff Keisel from Carvin (and I guess now Keisel guitars) has been doing stained fretboards recently - mostly blues I think, but they look wicked. I don't think you could just by the fretboard or neck though, you'd have to order a custom guitar.

Also I'm fairly certain Skervesen have stained some maple fretboards before. But again I don't know/think they'd do just a neck. But they might.
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Cocobolo is a another good material to make a fretboard from.
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Try Feibings leather dye. I used it to make my light rosewood fretboard jet black, dye just wipes off the white inlays.

I know they make it in a number of colors including red, I am not sure how the red would show up on a rosewood board, but it would probably do exactly what you want on a maple board. Also its more like stain than paint, it soaks into the wood instead of just covering it.
Warmoth offers bloodwood fretboards. I have a bloodwood on Wenge neck that plays awsome and is about as red as you can get.
^ I was thinking bloodwood also or stain
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