My girlfriend's favorite love song is 40 Days by blessthefall. I'm going to learn it for valentine's day for her (yeah yeah cheesy i know) but I'm having trouble on the lead guitar on the verses and the solo, i know there not really that hard but i don't seem to have the speed to pull it off right. I've been playing for about a year and was wondering if there was any exercises i could do to increase my speed, even if it is just for that one song.
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I'm not a lead player, but the logical answer would be to practice the solo itself instead of waisting your time on exercises, as far as i know there's no magical formula to gain speed especially in your case (you've been playing for only a year and you have 15 days to get the tune) so just start very slowly till you memorize the solo and then increase the speed. Best of luck!
I've just listen to the song, its pretty good, not really my genre though. But I agree with Sam. Take it very slowly note by note. I heard playing with a metronome helps to. Cheers mate.